McLeod County Fair – Day 2

The Adventure Zone Schoolage kids will spend another morning at the Fair. Entertainment for the morning will be “The On-Time Circus” and “Jason Huneke – Juggler”. Let’s have some laughs!

Schoolage Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons for Schoolage Children begin on Monday, July 6th. Remember your swimsuit and towel!

Adventure Zone to Flandrau State Park

Schoolage children will be taking a fieldtrip to Flandrau State Park in New Ulm on Friday, June 26th. Bring your swimsuit and towel and be ready for water fun!

Kindergarten Connection

Kids Inc will provide transportation for Kindergarten Connection Session 1. This is for Children entering Kindergarten Fall of 2015. If you haven’t registered, there is still time to do so or talk to Kathy for more info. Dates are June 22 – 25.

Adventure Zone Slip-n-Slide

Friday, June 19th Bring your swimsuit and towel for fun on the new Slip-n-Slide! This event will be at Rocket Hill from 12:30 to 2:00.

“Parade of Homes”

June 16 – 18 Adventure Zone will go on their “Parade of Homes” mission. We will visit each home and take group pictures from the outside. They will enjoy seeing each other’s dwellings!


January Menu Calendar

January Menu calendar


October Menu Calendar

October Menu Calendar

Preschoolers Need Swimsuits & Towels

Our Preschoolers will be having lots of fun with water this week! Please bring a swimsuit and towel for your child each day (July 8-12). We’ll even be heading to the pool on Wednesday, July 10th for some swimming fun! What a great way to enjoy the hot days of summer!


Infant January Calendar

Click here for the Infant January Calender

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