Kids Inc Staff

Co-Director Emily S:

I have worked for Kids Inc for the last 12 years.  In the last year I have taken the position of Co-Director.  My family inlcudes my husband and our 3 children.  We love spending time together and going on new adventures!  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors!

I love kids because they are imaginative and full of energy. I love all the “love” given by them! My favorite activities to do with the kids are play games, snuggle, coloring, and reading books.

Co-Director Heidi B:

I have worked at Kids Inc on and off since April 2008, in 2019 I took the position of Co-Director. Before this, I worked at Hutchinson Park Elem and Cokato Elem. as a substitute. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education K-6. My family includes my Husband Seth and I,  we also have 1 dog named Ruby. My hobbies are hiking, fishing and biking. I love being outdoors! In my free time I like being with my family, camping, being on the lake, and bonfires with friends. 

My favorite activities to do with the kids here at Kids Inc are playing card games and board games. I love kids because of their enthusiasm and excitement. I love hearing their imagination!



 Preschool Class Teacher Rhonda S:

I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. I also have 1 cat! I have over 35 years of experience working with children in addition to my BS in Education. I have worked at Kids Inc since roughly 2001 I love to work on crafts in my free time, along with reading and going camping!

I love kids because they are all unique and little sponges ready to absorb everything! My favorite activity to do with the kids at Kids Inc is play games                                     with them.


Teacher Jada L:

Enjoys being with family. I enjoy going on walks with my dog Nala.

Helping others makes me happy. I love to travel. I love working with children of all ages.





Aide Madi R:

I am 5’4 and 18 years old. My name is Madison but I prefer Madi.

My mom and I share a birthday and I love to color!


Aide Trinity B:

I enjoy Star Wars and doing cos-play as Rey.

I enjoy spending time with my family.




Head Toddler Teacher Kalley L

I recently graduated from Ridgewater College with my licensed Practical Nursing Degree.  I am currently studying for my boards and hope to specialize in pediatrics. My family includes my mom, dad and brother. I have many hobbies including shopping, swimming, and riding on the four wheeler. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my family and my boyfriend .I started working at Kids Inc in August 2017 bringing a year of experience working with kids with me. I love working with kids because they brighten up my day and are always funny—no matter what they are doing! My favorite activities to do with the kids here are playing outside with them and reading books       


Toddler Assistant Teacher Abby H

I grew up here in Hutchinson. I used to play soccer, hockey, and lacrosse in high school. I have 1 older sister and 1 little brother. I also have a dog named Bo. I have been working with kids for almost 6 years and I have lots of fun doing it. I enjoy watching kids learn new things.

I am currently attending Minnesota West Community & Technical College pursuing a degree in Elementary Educ. and Special Education.



Aide Toddler Jonah D:

Hey guys, I’m Jonah!  I am currently a teachers aide.  Some of my hobbies include playing drums and guitar and pretty much anything music related.  I am 18 years old soon to be 19 in November.  I have 2 cats.  My favorite car is a 2016 Subaru WRX.





Teacher Emily A:

I am from Hutchinson, MN. I have two older brothers. I love being outside, reading, spending time with friends, family, and my boyfriend. I hope one day to be come a teacher.









Head Infant Teacher Michelle M:

  I graduated from Hamlin University with a Bachelors degree in Creative writing and a Minor in Linguistics in Saint Paul. I grew up in Hutchinson in an in-home daycare and have been taking care of children since I was a child myself. While I lived in Chicago I was able to nanny for a family of 3 children for 5 years. I currently live on a farm and love it!I have been working at Kids Inc since Sept. 2019 in the infant room. My favorite activity with kids is reading books. I love kids because they have new perspectives on everything! I learn as much from them as they do from me.   


Infant Experienced Aide Jaimie E.:

 I have worked at Kids Inc since Nov. 2017.  I enjoy being with the Infants watching them grow and explore. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our dogs. 





Experienced Aide All Rooms Janice R:

     I have worked at Kids Inc since February 2019.  I enjoy the energy and excitement in all the children at the center while they are playing and learning. I love seeing their big smiles and lots of hugs. Before Kids Inc I worked at a daycare in Elk River, MN for 32 years. Outside of work I enjoy biking and going out to the lake. 




                                                                                 Summer School Age Teacher Allyson C

I have worked at Kids Inc in the summers for 3 years. I love spending time outdoors, on the lake, with my friends, and with my dog Wesley. I have always had a passion working with kids and this job has helped me make the decision to become a teacher.



Summer  Teacher Julia C:

Hi, I am Julia. In my free time, I like ride horse, hang out with friends and family and do anything outdoors. I enjoy working and being with kids. Currently going to school at South Dakota State University, Majoring: in Early Child Educ. and minoring in Equine Studies, Animal Science, Human Develop.


Summer Assistant Teacher Madison C:

I am 19 years old.  I enjoy being outside and sewing quilts.  I grew up helping my mom with her in-home daycare and enjoy being around children.












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