16 – 33 months

Program designed for you and your Toddler

Kids Inc. strives to provide a warm home like Christian environment for your child. Our Toddler Program focuses on the individual needs of children ages 16 to 33 months. The Staff enjoy working closely with parents in developing self help skills, potty training, dressing, eating and appropriate habits. This allows for consistency between home and childcare. Kids Inc Staff knows how important it is to nurture your child’s social and emotional development. Each day a note is available letting you know about your child’s day including: eating, diapering, naps, medication or first aid that was administered, how and what your child’s disposition was and any favorite activities. Monthly newsletter and menu are provided.


Your Toddler will grow and learn through fun activities and caring.

  • Hugs, smiles and laughter.
  • Music Activities: musical toys, instruments, singing, listening and moving to music.
  • Stories: books are a favorite activity and enjoyed one on one, in small groups, and are available in a wide variety.
  • Creative Expression: staff work one on one with kids, painting, coloring, drawing etc.
  • Sensory: Play dough, water play, cotton balls etc., for toddlers to explore with hands.
  • Large Muscle: riding toys, large balls, small indoor/outdoor climber, crawling tunnel, and other items are provided for this important developmental stage.

Kids Inc. has been providing care for Toddlers since 1989.

  • Ratios 1 adult to 7 toddlers.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs.
  • Ample outside time.
  • Catered Hot lunch program, morning and afternoon snack.
  • Dependable care, if our staff are sick or need time off we find the qualified replacement.
  •  Online App called Procare Connect to see pictures of your child and daily schedules

The caring and qualified staff at Kids Inc. are required to:

  • Show a genuine loving interest in the well being of children
  • Demonstrate patience and kindness
  • Obtain and keep current on CPR and First Aid training
  • Have a clean background study completed
  • Take a minimum of 40 hours per year continuing early childhood training
  • Know and demonstrate the ability to meet your child’s needs for overall development. This includes cognitive, physical, social, emotional.

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